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Saturday, September 23, 2023      


A small error can result in serious repercussions and can put patients' health in danger. We understand the importance of accuracy in Medical Transcription. We have put in quality processes and audits in our Standard Operating Procedures so that output is nothing but absolute quality. A diagrammatic representation of the job execution is shown below:

Qualcount offers tremendous savings to its clients by providing services at extremely attractive cost. We maintain highest accuracy to price ratio in the industry. We charge on a line count basis which is the most accepted system in the industry and is highly transparent.

In-house training:
All our medical transcriptionists are trained and updated in our in house training facility on medical terminologies, punctuation, grammar, process execution training and compliance training. Training is through interactive multimedia sessions followed by practical hands on training. All these measures help us guarantee 99% accuracy.

Low turnaround time:
Our turnaround time for job execution is 12-16 hours. This means you can expect updated medical transcripts first thing in the morning. We can also execute specific jobs which are expected to be completed in very short turnaround times.

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